Angry Color

Can you remember your drawing classes at your primary school? Which colors, mixing with them, make which color? Like red and yellow make orange, blue and yellow make green. Yes, here you can play the colors, mixing with them and producing new.

This puzzle game teaches you the color mixing concept and gradually improves your skill on color mixing to produce new color . . No, actually not the game is teaching you but you are teaching yourself, the whole game levels are designed such a way so that you can guess which colors can make which color and gradually goes to difficulties so that you can enjoy it and . . of course, get mastered on paint colors after you complete all the levels :) .

In the game you will be given some source colors in knob marked pots and some destination colors in small rounded pots. You will have to produce the destination colors by mixing the source colors. Just drag a color to another pot to add it and drag it back to remove the color from the pot. This free game includes 144 levels for you!